SPhere is an influencer research marketplace

We democratise research by using the creator economy in a new way


Watch below to learn more about the world of sphere…


We are fundamentally changing market research by connecting organisations with influencers to gather rapid, intelligent and affordable opinions

We can help you make better, faster decisions

Insight teams & Agencies to get a view of the needs and preferences of their future consumer to make better, quicker decisions

Brand teams and marketers to test design, ads and messaging to create culturally informed intelligent content which resonates with the right audiences

Trend hunters and investors to track trends and gain confidence in their choice of decisions




45,000 opinions

Through campaigns and testing, we have already received a huge number of opinions. For comparison, YouGov & MORI's polls of the general public can use samples of c.2,000 people

2.7m people

Combined, our communities have c.2.7m followers for you to engage with. This is growing 

24% engagement

We receive a high level of engagement. c.24% of people that see our polls vote

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