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1. Get paid to conduct polls and interactive sponsored content through Instagram Stories

2. Rapid and simple process with the freedom to choose the work you want to do

3. Learn more about your followers and the content that interests them in the process

4. If you need to learn how to create a poll, watch a video here


Upload poll results...


Upload poll results

Upload the results from your latest campaign

You can also conduct and upload the results from sample polls so brands can get a better understanding of your engagement and follower preferences


Tell us more...


Tell us more about your followers

The more information you provide, the more brands get a picture of your work, increasing the potential of you being chosen to do work

Provide more detail on your follower demographics


A new and authentic revenue source for you:

  1. Earn revenue from your Instagram account that goes beyond just product placement

  2. Brands cannot conduct influencer polls or sliders outside of their own accounts. To learn about new people in this way, they need to use people like you

  3. Learn more about your followers to inform the content your produce in the process