Become a valuable voice

Influencing has always been a thing. It’s just different today

We don’t just manage talent: Influencers are more than megaphones.

We are looking for the best talent for our 2019 Q1/Q2 Cohort. If you would like to join our talent incubator, please apply below.

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Our mission for influencers:

  1. Build an infrastructure to scale: we help you focus on creating great content and engaging your audience. We create a platform for you to build your business on so you can do what you do best

  2. We reverse the conversation: influencers can influence brands as well as followers. We work with you to advise and guide brands

  3. Privileged access to a real community: the internet is the world’s largest village. We unite our community of influencers to help them have real relationships with like minded people and develop strategic partnerships  

  4. Manage interactions with the best brands in the world: we help you work with top brands in new ways, creatively using your influence

  5. Build ventures: diversity and scale into other business opportunities. We build portfolios beyond just how many followers you have