Become a valuable voice

1. Get paid to conduct polls and interactive sponsored content through Instagram Stories

2. Rapid and simple process with the freedom to choose the work you want to do

3. Fixed sliding scale fee so your work is valued appropriately

4. Broader coverage: we can work with influencers that have a smaller follower count (2k+)

Get started

Simple process creating a new source of revenue for you


1 // Join the platform.

  • We review your content and check you are right for the platform. We currently accept individuals on Instagram who have between 2k - 2m followers and fit other specific criteria
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2 // Take part in a campaign

  • Get notified when relevant opportunities become available
  • Read about requirements and the question(s) to ask
  • Apply to join the campaign
  • Create the content and polls (and submit for review if required)
  • Go live!

3 // Provide feedback

  • Upload results

  • Get paid quickly