How our marketplace works


Use influential individuals on Instagram to conduct innovative polling campaigns

We have created a marketplace to enable organisations to work with multiple relevant influencers to poll specific groups of people on Instagram


The new way to engage with your audience

= Rapid data collection

= Gut reaction responses

= Bespoke focus to relevant industries

= Iterative polling procedure

= Large data sets

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Create campaign

Create a bespoke campaign fast

Organisation creates a campaign outlining the interaction they want, the scale they require and the type of area and people this relates to

They enter the specific questions and answers they require

Either poll specific niche groups connected to a particular topic or a large cohort of individuals

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Right people find you

Reach the right people

Relevant influencers are then made aware of the campaign. If interested, they respond to the brief with a short overview of their creative ideas for how to make it relevant to their followers

Organisation decides on number of influencers

The organisation then accepts the influencers they want to work with and these individuals then go live

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Go live + analyse results

Understand the impact and results of the campaign

Results are then aggregated and provided back to the organisation. The influencers then get paid

The process can be iterated rapidly to build on what you have learnt