A whole new way to listen to the people that matter

1. The new age of research; interact instantly with the people who matter to you

2. Collect literally thousands of real opinions within hours from anywhere in the world

3. Capture valuable data and insights in a wide range of areas

We enable you to do this rapidly, at scale and through the right creative people

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Traditional challenges

Many traditional methods for gathering real life opinions can be expensive and time consuming. Capturing gut reactions can also be difficult

We help organisations go beyond costly methods of interviewing groups of just 6-10 people

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A new method

Influential individuals on social media present an incredible opportunity to gather data from real decisions within specific niches

By doing so, you can capture opinions from real people in real time to inform a variety of decisions


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Real scale, real value

We have standardised the pricing for different levels of influencers, reducing friction and creating a fair value for both parties

Through this new approach, you can also advertise to specific individuals in interactive ways

Connecting with early adopters


Using influential individuals on Instagram enables you to connect with the early adopters in a particular segment

By doing so, you can understand new trends and advertise your ideas and products to them

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1. Influencers = creators



2. Followers = early adopters



3. Mass market consumer

Simple process, with vast possibilities

By using creative polling techniques, you can connect with early adopters for:

  • Opinions and trends

  • Product testing

  • Consumer engagement

  • Advertising testing

  • Interactive advertising

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