We no longer pass the water. We like, repost and share it.

Food is something we have always shared together, but over the last few years, the way we share food has changed.

Food is now shared over a screen; social media influencers are changing the way brands understand communities, create content and advertise.

We are specialists in enabling brands and supermarkets to advertise to specific audiences authentically and at scale.

If you would like to speak with us and see our roster of creators, please contact us directly and see more below.

Paid media

  • Native content through food channels including branded product integration and header ads

  • Price: £20-30 CPM

Branded content

  • Content creation for FMCG brands from leading creators

  • Price: per image / day rate

Influencer marketing

  • Reach a global audience interested in your product through highly influential food creators

  • Branded product integration, live reads and other interactive ad features

  • Conduct campaigns simultaneously across channels and influencers

  • Price: TBD